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Where It All Begins…

Thank you all for visiting.  This BLOG is dedicated to Hummingbirds & Hummingbird HIGH SPEED Photography!  Here you will learn the secrets to successful Hummingbird photography with wing stopping action! Along with the tips and tricks we will teach you here, we will also offer in classroom/field high speed flash photography workshops which will assist you in your Hummingbird pursuits!

Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird In Flight

Online Workshops In Hummingbird Photography!

Violet Saberwing Hummingbird At Rest

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Chasing Away A Yellow Jacket

We will share the secrets of mastering ultra high speed flash photography to stop the motion of a Hummingbirds wings.  You have to ask yourself, which do I like better, the picture on the left of a Hummingbird sitting on a stick (yes it is a good image) or the one on the right of a Hummingbird flying and presenting an action that draws the viewer into the picture?  If you are like me, the answer is the flight image!

So, stick around, browse the posts and learn and SHARE with me here!  It will be fun and fulfilling, overloaded with tons of Hummingbird Photographic passion! I will be a little slow in getting the posts going, I am making ready for a trip to St. Louis next week that will take 11 days.  I will post from the road, but when I get back I will really start the updates here!

Violet Sabre-wing Hummingbird & Red-eyed Tree Frog


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